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Can LinkedIn Help Boost Your Reputation?

Most people think of LinkedIn as a job-hunting tool. But it can do so much more. In fact, LinkedIn could be a key part of your social media reputation management toolkit. Here's why.

LinkedIn gives you all sorts of spots for keywords. You can put them in your biography, in your job descriptions and in your volunteering notes. If you're trying to attach something like "professional" to your name, you could add that word all over your LinkedIn profile. And you could get results you just couldn't get in any other way.

Also, LinkedIn provides you with another opportunity to grab a high-value search engine result. If people search for your name and your location, a link from LinkedIn might be the first thing they see. And since your profile is full of good stuff, like proof of employment and votes of confidence from peers, it could be a link you'll love for people to click on.

So clearly, LinkedIn is a great resource for reputation management. But it only works if it's set up properly. Stuff your profile with lies, or pack your entries with curses or misspellings, and you could do your reputation much more harm than good. 

Reviewed by author: Ashley Adams

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