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The Pros and Cons of Responding to Complaints on

Most reputation management bloggers encourage business owners to take action when their reputations are attacked online. As a writer for Forbes explained, unanswered complaints can impact a consumer's perception of the company's responsiveness. Those that interact seem reasonable and proactive, willing to do what it takes to resolve complaints from consumers with valid complaints, while those who ignore seem willing to take money and run off with it, no matter what the consumer might say.

If the complaints appear in reputable places, including, Angie's List or, we might agree. Companies that respond to complaints in these forums can set the record straight, and in some cases, they can come out ahead with future consumers. But if the complaints appear on, there's reason to exercise a little caution. allows people to write up concerns and complaints about companies they've interacted with on a personal basis. The site doesn't seem to be moderated, so people can say anything they'd like to say, and the site seems to be popular. In fact, Alexa reports that ranks among the top four thousand most popular sites in the United States, based on traffic, and most people who use the site are moderately educated, childless women who are older than 45. This is a key demographic for marketers, and it's clear that the site has the ability to significantly derail someone's career.

A lawyer in California, for example, has been the target of a report on, and here, she's been called "horrible" and a "ripoff." The writer also suggests that the lawyer is incompetent and only looking to make money on a client's concerns. This original comment would be damning on its own, but other consumers have chosen to join in with their own experiences, both good and bad, and there's a spirited debate in the comments section of this particular post about the benefits and drawbacks of this lawyer.

Conversations like this are commonly tied with higher rankings on search engines like Google. When multiple people click on an entry or "hit" on a topic, the search engines seem to find that particular page just a little more important, and it begins to move up the search engine ranks. The chatter drives people to visit the site again and again for repeat hits, and the page becomes more and more popular. Companies that choose to interact on could be fanning the flames of discussion, and they could be inadvertently making the complaints easier to find.

Fighting back against is difficult. In fact, even people who have posted complaints on the site have found that it's difficult, or impossible, to get their own entries removed. (Ironically, some have even made their own report about how much they dislike No company representative has weighed in on this report at the time of this writing.) We can help. Our company has developed a sophisticated set of tools that can remove negative articles from, and we can even write positive content that could protect you against future attacks. Visit to find out more. 

Reviewed by author: Ashley Adams

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